The Energy and Water have an essential role in social and economic development of modern societies.

Angola, one of the countries with higher levels of economic growth in the world has come to define policies, implement strategies and develop skills and international partnerships, to create excellent conditions for the integrated development of water resources and for the development of the energy sector, on the basis of environmental sustainability.

The new contexts of uncertainty and increasing vulnerability at global scale, pose new challenges and require innovative approaches.

The 1st International Conference on Energy and Water will be a moment of tremendous importance for reflection and debate on these new challenges to Angola and the world. Among the topics featured in this great event, we highlight:

  • Relations between Water and Energy: hydroelectricity to enhance the development of society and to an environmentally sustainable economy
  • Smart Grids, Distributed Generation and Rural Areas: Technical Challenges and Opportunities
  • The virtuous triangle of water services: Universality, Quality, Sustainability
  • Learning and planning to prevent and prepare a context of adaptation to climate change: floods and droughts
  • Overcoming conflicts and encourage regional partnerships for a sustainable and equitable management of water resources
  • The challenge of innovation: connecting knowledge networks to promote a framework for excellence
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