Carlo Cecati Chair Professor at the University of Aquila
Chair Professor at the University of Aquila



Carlo Cecati obtained his degree in electrical engineering in 1983 from the University of Aquila where today he teaches Industrial Electronics and Electrical Machines. He is also Chairman of the delegate assembly of the University and coordinator of the doctoral program in Energy Management, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Buildings. He is since 2004 Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics and currently is its Chief Editor. Since 1990 is an active member of the IEEE Industrial Electronics, IEEE Industry Applications, IEEE Power Electronics and IEEE Control Systems. Carlo Cecati is consultant to many universities and electrical utilities in the areas of distributed generation and smart grids. He has been regularly invited to evaluate research projects submitted for funding to the European Union and the Qatar National Research Foundation. He is co-founder (2007) of Digipower Ltd, a spin-off of the University of Aquila that operates in the fields of electronics and industrial informatics, modelling and analysing electromagnetic, where he is now Technical Director and was its CEO until 2012.

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