Armindo Gomes da Silva General-Director of the Cunene River Basin Administration
General-Director of the Cunene River Basin Administration



Armindo Gomes da Silva is the General- Director of the Cunene River Basin Administration. In 1983/84 he was graduated in Civil Engineering by the University Agostinho Neto (Angola). His specialization studies in  Geotechnical Engineering were developed at the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, Portugal. He is the co-chair of the International Basins Commissions for the Cunene (CTPC) and Okavango (OKACOM) Rivers. He is co-author of the Water Law, and he was the Coordinator of the Technical Commission for the Water Law. Armindo Gomes da Silva developed his professional activity both in the private and the public sectors. In the private sector he was Production Director at ECOAÇ EMPROCI. In the public sector he was General-Director of TECNOPROJECTO, the engineering office that, with the assistance of Portuguese consultants, developed in the 1980s a large number of hydraulic engineering and road infrastructure projects in Angola. He has been several times National Director of the Ministry of Energy and Water, and most recently he was Deputy Commissioner of the Angola Pavilion at Expo Zaragoza.

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