Jorge Vasconcelos Presidente da NEWES - New Energy Solutions
Presidente da NEWES – New Energy Solutions



Jorge Vasconcelos has a degree in Power Systems from the University of Porto and has a PhD from the University of Erlangen in Germany. He is Chairman of Newes, New Energy Solutions and a member of the Board of Directors of ISA, a company that offers solutions 'smart metering' and management of domestic energy. He is a consultant for several international organizations and national authorities in Europe, Latin America and Middle East. He is Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Lisbon (MIT). He is a member of the Board of ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators). He was the first President of the Portuguese Regulatory Authority (ERSE) 1996-2006. He was founder and first president of the European Council of Energy Regulators (2000-2005), first President of the European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas (2003-2005), co-founder of the Latin American Association of Energy Regulators (ARIAE) , founder and member of the Executive Committee of the Florence School of Regulation. Worked in companies in the electricity sector EURELECTRIC in Brussels, Frankfurt, AEG and in various universities in Portugal, Germany and Italy. He is a member of the 2011 EC Advisory Committee on the Energy Roadmap 2050.

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