João Rodrigues Siemens Smart Grids and Low&Medium Voltage (IC SG&LMV)
Siemens Smart Grids and Low&Medium Voltage (IC SG&LMV)



João Rodrigues got his Bachelor degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Lisbon Technical Institute majoring in electrical power systems.

He is currently responsible for business development of two divisions at the Siemens department of Infrastructures and Cities: Smart-Grids and Low & Medium Voltage. The main functions performed consist in the development and implementation of the strategic plan and business plan and coordination of activities of business development (sales of products, solutions and services) in the area of Smart Grids, with a focus on creating and implementing smart power grids.

The focus is on Angolan and Mozambican markets, the support of company’s strategy, the energy sector analysis of countries and technical and commercial support to key customers operating in the electricity market.

At Siemens since 2006, he began his career in the field of the protection of electrical networks and systems of command and control of power networks, working with clients in the Portuguese market. In 2012 he embraced his current functions, with a technical focus on smart energy networks (Smart Grids).

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